Frangitron is a personal audio project that started in 2018 and has been on pause since march 2019

The original idea was to make a device that would gather sound and midi from different hardware synths, in order to play them live, in addition to background loop/pads samples

The central piece is a Raspberry Pi 3, to which have been added a PiSound soundcard and a ucApps Midibox.

The interface consists of 5 rotary encoders and the official Raspberry Pi 7" touchscreen.

The PiSound was chosen for its stereo input/output, low latency and very good audio quality

The Midibox was used as a usb MIDI interface with synthesizers. The rotary encoders were attached to it and their values sent as MIDI CC over USB.

The software is written in C++.

The graphical interface was done using Qt. The audio/MIDI engine with PortAudio

The CAD design was done in FreeCAD

The panel is a laser-cut then folded sheet of aluminum. Some inside parts were 3D printed

The first main iteration of the software was a simple two-decks Dj mixer, that was synchronized with MIDI to an Elektron Machinedrum UW+ Mk2

I hope more iterations will come in the near future.

Thank you for reading.